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Make 3 D Polygons (Colored Paper-Pencil-Tape-Ruler-Protractor-Compass)

Paper,Pencil, and ruler “Moving Triangles’ “(Flexagon) activity

Math Exhibition Ideas

239 STEAM websites

Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ STEAM Website.

http://science.dadeschools.net Resourcesl

Make 3D Geometric Shapes from nets using colorful poster boards

Math and Science Projects by Grade Level


Pop Pop Boat STEAM Challenge

Real-World Math Activities

Middle School Math Games & Projects

Shapes that tessellate         Tessellation

PBS math grades 5-8

Some 8th grade math projects

100 hands-on-activities for all subjects

K-12 Math Projects

Middle School STEM activities

Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

Middle School Art and Craft activities

Middle School Social Studies activities

Social Studies games and projects

62 Reading School Project Ideas

Language Arts: Writing, Literature, and Creativity

Over 45 links for project-based learning

STEM-Works activities

STEAM activities for the innovative mind

Integrated STEM Activities for Middle and High School Students

Eight Great STEM Activities for Students

 A house built by using popsicle sticks as a Math, Art, and Engineering project

1600 Visual Styles to build a Popsicle Stick House

Instructions on how to build a popsicle stick house: 1—-2—–3——4——5

How to make a paper cube easy way

Nets in Geometry

How to make a rectangular origami box from or by using a single copy paper

Interactive Volume and Surface Area